Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Loyalty of a Dog

This daddy went to work every morning, kissing his wife and giving his four-year old daughter a hug.

Before he went out the door he gave his little girl an Oreo cookie; they were her favorites. "Mind your Mom and I'll see you when I get home," he said before he went out the door.

The Dad did this every morning. The daughter expected the treat and promptly enjoyed its sweet flavor even before Dad's car left the garage.

Let me tell you about another man. And this is a true story.

This man, in his early forties, lives by himself. He has never been married, has a nice house and a spacious yard.

About a year ago his dog, who had stayed in the house with him, died at the good age of twelve years old.

This man got him a new dog at the pound. A medium sized dog, fluffy as a mop, frisky as a hyperactive squirrel.

Mr Bennette is his name. He listens good, does his business outside, and stays in the house all day, by himself, for sometimes more than twelve hours. He never has an accident in the house and always watches for his Dad to come home.

Mr Bennette also gets a treat every morning. He gently grabs his treat with his mouth and promptly lays it on the floor near the front door where his dad is about to exit for work.

He wags his tail and gets one good final rubbing before his Dad and master shuts the door for the day.

Mr Bennette does what a house dog does, all day, always alert, he waits, all hours for his Dad to come back home.

Finally the front door unlocks, his Dad is home. Mr Bennette is all wags and wiggles as he gets his reward by being rubbed, scratched, and patted.

After that joyous greeting Mr Bennette then gets his treat from this morning and lounges on the floor and eats it.

The dog had all day to eat the treat, but didn't. Why?

His Dad's coming home is more important to him than the treat in the morning. Mr Bennette did not eat his treat during the long hours - it was parked at the front door. As a dog lover, I know the pup would never have eaten the treat had his Master not come home. The dog loves his Dad more than anything the world can offer.

Is that loyalty, or what?

The dog is not the man's whole life, but the man is the dog's whole life!

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