Saturday, May 19, 2012

We Don't Smoke The Weed, We Eat It

Elderberries, not exactly a staple when it come to foods, are worth talking about.

You see them along the roadside and in dips where there is more moisture. They are a brittle bush, up to about 12 foot tall.

At this time of year they sport white bunches of blooms.

No, they are not chigger weed. They are the blossoms that later turn to dark blue berries. The old folks made elderberry wine out of them.

When I was a kid we used the berries, while still green, to shoot through our blowguns, also made out of the elderberry bush.  (one of 130 stories in my book)

I know you think of it as a weed, but to me it becomes one of my springtime favorite desserts.

Stay with me now. Don't get grossed out. What you will see here is incredibly delicious.

You dip the blossoms into a pancake batter. Not too thick. Made with all purpose flower and regular milk. Add an egg, a dash of vanilla flavoring and salt to the dough.

You then carefully lower the blossoms into the skillet or pan with hot frying oil. It will sizzle! The temperature should be hot, but not smoking.

While it's turning brown on one side, cut the stems off with a pair of scissors. Then flip over and brown the other side.

With tongs, remove from oil and let drain on paper towels.   --NOW-- comes my best part: sprinkle cinnamon sugar mix all over them.  --FRONT and BACK-- make it good! It'll taste better than any funnel cake you ever had.

DON'T BE A CHICKEN. GIVE IT A TRY!  And let me know.


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