Saturday, May 21, 2016

CANCER - Now What?

Cancer . . . Now What?

They found a growth in my kidney. Did my life change? Not really. Hey, at 76 stuff is bound to happen. I’m so grateful that the tumor was found early. I even heard the word “curable” - not treatable, but curable. A blessing right there. 

I got two kidneys. I know I can live with just one - another blessing. Looks like stage one, they say - another blessing. I should be able to walk out of the hospital within four to seven days, no therapy afterward - another blessing.

However, as a human being I also realize at my age it could be worse, a lot worse. Words like aggressive, spread, swollen nymph nodes, chemo are often used with the word cancer. To be honest, I really don’t know what may be hidden.

So I start to think about what comes next. I’m not talking about the operation or the recovery period. I’m thinking about the term everyone seems to mention . . . “He or she is in a better place.”

To the public at large, Christians included, the words “a better place” is used so flippantly. It generally suggests that death is a step into the right direction and everyone, from your cat, to the crook, to the pedophile is heading there after they leave this earth. Hog wash!

The devil is not in charge of “The Better Place.” He has been twisting the Truth since the beginning trying to fill his place, a place called Hell.

Broad is the road that leads to destruction, and narrow the road to everlasting Life.” the word of God says.

Everlasting life, or Heaven, is where I am going. Prepared for me by one named Jesus, who has atoned my sins and calls me son.

So I got to ponder what my better place, my heaven, is like.

Pearly gates and golden streets are nice. No more tears, heartaches, or pain is great. Not only will I be with my Savior forever, but everything associated with evil will be gone.

I broke this glorious thought down even more. All communication and intent will be positive.

I went to the dictionary and looked to words that start with “de-”. Just a small section of the tens of thousands of words - words that have negative meanings and will not be in use or be necessary to describe anything in my Heaven.

Here are a few:
Debility, decay, decease, deceit, deception, decline, decompose, decrepit, deface, defame, defeat, defect, defiant, deficient, defile, defraud, degenerate, degrade, deject, delusion, demean, demise, demonize, deplete, depress, deprive, deride, despair, despise, destroy, detest, devious.

In my Better World there Satan is not in charge. It is a perfect world, a world without evil.